Anaheim Jerseys (regular production)
Anaheim Jerseys (regular production)

Anaheim Jerseys (regular production)


This deal allows you to order your jerseys for CWL Anaheim ahead of time, at a reduced rate!! If you already have your teams sorted, this is perfect for you!


We will allow any player name changes to jerseys to be made UNTIL 25th May, when production will begin for all CWL jerseys to ensure they are made and delivered in plenty of time for the event. If needed, you can order a design alongside your order, which we will design and confirm with you before applying to the jerseys.


After ordering, please email your jersey information (sizes, gamertags, names) for each jersey to, stating your order number alongside it. Please also provide your address of stay for the event.



Thanks for purchasing from NextGen!


if you have any questions feel free to contact us on social media or at


Please note: Production could potentially take 2-4 weeks. Please read more information here.” -