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A team of specialist designers will work closely with you to ensure the products' specifications and final design language meet your company's expectations and vision.

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We work with our manufacturing team to ensure a quality product is made one for one with a thorough 90-point inspection to ensure no discoloration, tears or unnecessary seams.

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After we have finished manufacturing, we do one final check of each piece of apparel. From there we assign delivery out to the location you have chosen to have the merchandise delivered to.

Really happy with the speed and turn out! “You've truly made my experience memorable! We appreciate all the hard work.”

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"literally night and day better than other companies I’ve worked with, and this is only the start of the process. Amazing"

“I predicted their products would be like a 7 or 8 out of 10 but turns out it's a 12 out of 10”

"I never in my life knew that I could make merchandise this good but it’s even better than I ever wished it to be”

“Quality feels great and the company was ultimately very responsive. Thanks NextGen!”

"The products looked amazing, thanks again for making this so easy."

“By far the BEST customer service of all time."

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