NextGen Rewards - Loyalty Program Explained!

NextGen Rewards.

Welcome to the NextGen Rewards Program! 

 We introduced this system in January 2018 to try and give back to our loyal customers. Our loyalty program gives you points for every purchase you make and then you can spend those points on anything you like on our store! 

 Every single product on our store is priced up with a normal currency price and a points price, then at the bottom of the product you can chose the normal checkout section and then if you have enough points you can redeem your points on the product you like. 

 The great thing about our rewards program is we will constantly monitor it and upgrade you the more points you have! If we upgrade you, you will earn more points per transaction AND your redeem rate will be lower (meaning it will cost you less points to order a product) so keep supporting us and we will support you! 

 When you view your cart on our site, it tells you how many points you can earn for all the products in your cart, however if you don’t have an account with us it won’t give you that option. So make sure you are signed up! 

 If you have any questions about our rewards program, then you can always email us on or just contact us on social media!